To My Patients,

I’ve been practicing medicine for more years than I care to admit and I plan to practice for decades more.  You see, there is no reward in my life more satisfying than restoring you to a normal, comfortable, productive, and rich life.  My entire staff and I are committed to it.  We live to promote your good health and enable your lasting happiness. 

My time in the laboratory brings me new and effective means of measuring objectively and eliminating, or at least controlling, your pain.  My vast  experience and ability to perform interventional procedures to control pain – most of which are not yet used by my colleagues due to their complexity – makes it all worthwhile.

I understand that a combination of surgical procedures, medication, physical therapy, diet, exercise, and an overall awareness of your physical condition is important.  I understand that your pain is real. I see my patients through some of the darkest times in their lives – times when they feel like giving up. I want you to stay at work or, if retired, enjoy your retirement fully. You’re not crazy.  You’re not alone.  I won’t let you give up.

Easing your suffering and improving your quality of life is my major goal.

Dr. Emile Hiesiger

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Emile M. Hiesiger, M.D.

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