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Say goodbye to my back pain…

Having had no prior knowledge of pain management with injections, I went for a consultation with deep trepidation as I have always been terrified of needles. After studying various films, Dr. Hiesiger diagnosed my problem and precisely explained procedures he could perform which would help relieve my pain. Because of his calm, confident demeanor, I immediately trusted in his ability to help me. The procedures performed were successful and I am almost pain free. His book, Say Goodbye to Back Pain, is fascinating and simple to understand. I bought three copies to give to friends who are living with back pain. Dr. Hiesiger is a brilliant doctor who I would recommend to others.

Ann R.

My first line of defense…

I thank you deeply again, Dr. Hiesiger, for writing your books on pain management. My personal copy of Say Goodbye to Back Pain is dog-eared, underlined, and has asterisks throughout. It’s my first line of defense. Please know how thankful and grateful Jim and I have been to have found you and your great staff.

Arlene P.

A Remarkable Person

Over the course of the past seven years I have endured a never ending battle against extraordinary pain. Unsubstantiated diagnoses were bantered about with associated serious prescriptions, for which none were effective. The pain spread throughout my entire body. I could barely walk, dress myself, or tolerate being touched.

This unbearable situation culminated in a decision with my spouse of 36 years to seek assisted suicide. Then my Internist suggested Dr. Hiesiger. My reaction was negative. Too many dead ends or worse, being addicted to Methadone by a Pain Management physician. I finally, luckily agreed to a consultation.

I had never before been initially examined for over two hours with enough questions asked that exceeded all other doctors combined. This gentle caring healer exuded such calm confidence that I couldn’t help but agree to his procedure. Today I am trying to adjust to normalcy. I have very little pain. I wake up in the morning looking forward to the day rather than lying on a sofa not willing to move for fear of its repercussions.

Dr Hiesiger has literally changed my life. I can look forward to spending the latter part of my personal journey with the wonderment I have always had. “Thank you” is just not good enough.

Judith B.

The best in the Pain Management field…

My mother suffered from chronic pain for several years.  She was seen by a number of doctors and pain management specialists, all of whom failed to properly diagnose the underlying cause of her pain.  These “specialists” recommended and performed unnecessary and costly pain management procedures.  I shared my frustration with my Internist and he suggested that I take my mother to Dr. Hiesiger who, in his opinion, was the best in the Pain Management field.  From that moment on my mother received professional and appropriate care.  Dr. Hiesiger spent time examining my mother and performed appropriate studies.  He concluded that her condition could only be addressed with surgery and proceeded to refer her to the best surgeon available.  Dr. Hiesiger continued to follow-up regularly regarding my mother’s progress.  I was happy to tell him that she lived pain-free ever since the surgery and that we were very grateful to him for his compassion, skill, and honesty.

I also suffered from chronic back and leg pain since my early 30′s.  As I was very athletic and accustomed to a very active lifestyle, I was desperate to find the right physician and treatment.  I had been referred to pain management doctors, sports medicine doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists, and physiatrists, most of who were affiliated with the top New York hospitals.  After more than 10 years of misdiagnoses, unsuccessful and costly treatment, I too was fortunate to have found Dr. Hiesiger.  He spent a considerable amount of time with me during the first consult.  Dr. Hiesiger asked numerous questions (never before asked), performed a comprehensive physical exam and ordered important, new studies.  Dr. Hiesiger thoroughly explained the results of the exams and studies and the various options for treatment.  I had choices to make, but the choices were relatively easy given the level of detailed and understandable information provided by Dr. Hiesiger.  The positive results of Dr. Hiesiger’s minimally invasive procedures transformed my life.  For the last 8+ years, my pain has been effectively managed and I have been able to resume a very active and productive lifestyle.  I am forever grateful to Dr. Hiesiger.

I found Dr. Hiesiger’s books on pain very informative, easy to read, and understandable for the average layperson.  They should be be read by all pain sufferers.

I would also like to complement Dr. Hiesiger’s office staff who are exceptionally responsive, courteous, and caring.

Maureen F.

I felt there was no hope…

In short, Dr. Hiesiger has saved my life. There is nothing in this world I wouldn’t do for him. 15 years ago life took on a new meaning with uncontrollable groin pain. With his aggressive treatment and guidance I can live a better life and I am able to watch my 14-year old son grow into a great young man. I get choked up thinking of where I had been and where I am now. I know I have said thank you many times but thank you again for helping me when I felt there was no hope.

John O.

Living a normal and productive life…

I have had severe Chronic pain for the last 15 years of my life that stems from a severe car accident that I had when I was 17 years old. I have seen many doctors over the years that just kept handing me different medications that were not helping and, on top of everything else, were making me very sick – until I found Dr. Hiesiger. He has changed my life. He takes his time with his patients and looks at everything as a whole. He was able to figure out the correct medications and dose to help me live a normal and productive life.

Richard D.

I got my life back…

I first went to see Dr. Hiesiger with great reluctance. It was at the suggestions of two friends but I had already been through a myriad of doctors (all had the promise of healing or lessening my pain) and all with no results. I didn’t have the emotional fortitude to go through it again – the promise of relief and the physical and emotional let down of nothing changing.

When I started the procedures I had been through a spinal fusion that had failed ( the spinal surgeon wanted to do it again), I had seen several neurologists, physiatrists, physical therapists, acupuncturists, etc., and had been through countless medications that made me sick and depressed. The drugs gave me side effects that included weight gain and dulled memory. I questioned what had happened to my life.

I went from having a successful career and being on the eve of opening my own business, to crying and having to take extra pain medication each time I had to go to the supermarket. Waiting on a line for five or 10 minutes was too much pain to deal with. Standing, sitting, and even holding a book were painful.

The left side of my body was never pain free. My neck, arm, lower back, and leg hurt all of the time. I thought about giving up my career and going on permanent disability. Working was just so painful and I was unable to sit in a chair for the required time without taking pain medication.

Now that I have gone through multiple procedures my pain is negligible. I am able to go to a movie, the theater, or a restaurant without having to take medication. In short, I have resumed a normal life.

To sum it up, it is because of Dr. Hiesiger that I have been given back my life. I cannot imagine what would have happened to me if he had not been responsible for my care.

Susan T.


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