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Health Insurance Acceptance Policy

Today’s uncertainty in the insurance industry has resulted in unprecedented strain on the healthcare practitioner. With the high costs and administrative burdens associated with accepting health insurance, many doctors no longer do so. For these reasons, we do not participate in any medical plans. We will, however, submit your claims to your insurance company as an out-of-network provider and aid you in every way to recover from your insurance company as much of the cost associated with your care at this practice as is possible. Unique to the industry, Dr. Hiesiger’s practice employs a Patient Advocate whose sole purpose is to ensure that his patients obtain the maximum reimbursement allowable.


Dr. Hiesiger is not enrolled in the federal Medicare Program. This does not affect your Medicare reimbursements for other services that he may order, but not personally perform, including lab tests X-rays, MRI’s CT scans, or other physicians’ services.

Payment Options

While Dr. Hiesiger does not accept insurance assignment, our practice does accept all major credit cards.

For Patients Outside The New York Metro Area

There is another option for potential patients who live a significant distance from New York city. You may elect to send us the Patient Consultation Questionnaire along with any copies of recent imaging (actual films are excellent, but CD’s are acceptable) you may have. Dr. Hiesiger will thoroughly review your information and respond as to whether or not his expertise can be of benefit to you. The fee for this service is $400 and can be applied to your first office consultation.

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