The Corinthian     (Handicap Access)
345 East 37th Street, Suite 320
New York, NY 10016
Phone (212) 697-1411 or (212) 263-6123
Fax (212) 697-1399


To schedule an appointment or review of your medical records please contact our office at (212) 697-1411.  A downloadable Patient Information Questionnaire is also available below.  Please feel free to fax it to our offices at (212) 697-1399, or bring it with you on your scheduled appointment.

Download PDF of Patient Information Questionnaire

By completing the Patient Information Questionnaire you acknowledge and agree that any information provided by the doctor as a result of reviewing your records is not a diagnosis.  You will have to be examined by the doctor before a diagnosis can be rendered.

By accepting your personal information Dr. Hiesiger assures you that we do not disclose any private information about our patients, regardless of how collected, to third parties without your written permission except where required by law.

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Emile M. Hiesiger, M.D.

The Corinthian
345 East 37th Street
Suite 320
New York, NY 10016
• Phone (212) 697-1411 or
• Phone (212) 263-6123
• Fax (212) 697-1399

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