Trigger Point Injections

Trigger points are small, focal areas of muscle spasm, due to overuse (a weekend warrior after spring cleaning for a weekend in the garden), inappropriate posture (painting a mural on a large ceiling by hand for hours on end), irritation of a spinal nerve root supplying a muscle (due to a disc herniation, foramenal stenosis). (Click here for more information on disc herniation and foramenal stenosis.)  They can last for years and are associated with weakening of the spasmodic areas of muscle over time. Treatment usually involves needling them with a small hypodermic, injecting medical saline or local anesthetic with or without steroids into them, or spraying coolants like ethyl chloride onto the skin overlying the trigger points and stretching the muscle manually by moving the affected limb, neck, or torso. These procedures may be curative or diminish in effect over six weeks.  Physical therapy is mandatory for trigger points which persist or recur after the above.


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